About Us

How did we come about?

Kaleidoscope Cultured really came about by chance and somewhat impulsively. We were both encouraged to start our own businesses, whether selling art prints or poetry commissions, when we ultimately decided, we should do it together! Because in the end, our poetry and art are always somehow tied back to community, whether to our queer identities or our illegality. 
With our niches combined, we have cultivated a business that is designed to hold spaces for healing. This consists of satire, humor, dark jokes, and also vulnerability, all with the sentiment of community and unity. Our products are made with the concept of destroying borders and space between us, knowing an undocu in New York is wearing an "Alien Invasion" pin the same time that we are in California just serves as a reminder that despite the systematic odds designed to oppress us, we have found love between each other. 

Meet the Poet: Jazmin Soto 

"I write poetry because for me it's the only form of escape I get. Oftentimes I can't understand what I am feeling and much less have the vulnerability to express them."

Meet the Artist: Leidy Macias

"The reason I do art is because I don't always know how to communicate the things I feel in words but when I draw or paint, I am able transfer my raw emotions into a visual piece that lets me understand myself more."