What if I don't appease

We’re constantly being told to be anything but what we are. 

Frankly I’m tired of being told what someone else might not like. Almost warned to be quieter or they may come with torches to silence me. This happens everytime I post a take on being undocumented. It’s like they know someone that can hate crime me so they hope I’ll stop. Maybe try asking xenophobic people you know not to attack me for being right. Or they expect me to cater to their feelings. But why should I? When they’ve threatened to call ice on my friends and I? I’m not wrong to be angry or to speak up and yet y’all expect me to feel like I am? 

I’ve been told my entire life to fit into this mold. And even if I tried to rearrange my organs I could never fit. They teach us to be palatable so the structures that are designed to keep us alive so they don’t decide we’re worthless. While white people only know how they benefit. I’ve tried being everything but myself. Listened to colorist friends in highschool warning me that that shade wasn’t good for my skin tone. To the family that never shuts up about the weight gain. But I can’t pretend to be appeasable to an audience I don’t owe shit to. And I think no one else should have to be. We’re not fucking actors on a reality tv show. We’re real life people with messy ass lives. You can’t rate my actions on a scale, when no two scales will ever look alike.